Proposition 64 is rolling out this year, which makes it legal for any adult 21 or older to purchase cannabis products for recreational use in California. While adults will be allowed to purchase cannabis for recreational use in 2018, most municipalities in California are still working on local licensing for all types of recreational cannabis businesses. Many adults in California – including members of Goddess Delivers – will still need a medical marijuana recommendation to access cannabis for much of 2018.


Goddess Delivers will still be a medical marijuana collective on January 1st, but we plan to become fully licensed for recreational/adult-use in 2018. The timeline of licensing for both recreational and medical sales depends on how quickly local regulations and licenses are issued.


The new state regulations will also mean new taxes. New taxes typically aren’t something to celebrate, but tax revenue from cannabis sales will only increase state and local governments’ support for common-sense cannabis rules and access.



Here is a brief breakdown of the cannabis taxes you should anticipate as of January 1, 2018:


  • – There will is a new California Cannabis Excise Tax, which will be added to all cannabis products sold in the state. This tax will be included on your receipt starting in the New Year. There is a complicated formula to calculate the exact tax on particular products, but it will be roughly 12.5%.
  • – City of Los Angeles has an additional 5% cannabis tax on all medical deliveries made in the city.
  • – There will still be the typical local sales taxes that you already see on your receipt.
  • – A Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) issued by your County Department of Public Health will exempt you ONLY from local sales taxes, but not the excise tax or additional local cannabis use taxes. You do not need a county MMIC to order medical marijuana; only to save money on sales taxes.